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Landlord Information

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The Grand Haven Board of Light and Power would like to identify rental properties serviced by the Board of Light and Power, and offer to the property owner a shutoff protection program.

The three types of service being offered are as follows:

READ: This option would automatically transfer service to the landlord’s name when a tenant contacts the Board of Light and Power to have service discontinued unless a new tenant is moving in at the same time.

ALL SHUTOFFS: Landlords may elect to have service transferred to their name if the service is to be disconnected for any reason, including nonpayment.

SEAL: Service at property is sealed when a tenant requests service discontinued, and remains off until next tenant requests service or landlord gives further instruction.

Please use the enclosed form to list rental properties serviced by the Board of Light and Power (including unit and/or apartment numbers), and check the type of shutoff protection applicable to each.

NOTE: Any future changes in ownership of rental property also needs to be reported to Customer Service to prevent incurring bills in your name after you sell a rental property.

Please contact Customer Service at 616-846-6250 with any questions you have concerning this program.

Landlord Protection Plan

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