Power Plant Tours

As a community-owned utility, the BLP is pleased to provide group tours of its facilities for local schools, businesses, and organizations. Tours can be tailored to meet the needs of the particular audience.

The BLP prefers groups of between fifteen and thirty persons. To ensure your tour is meaningful, young visitors should be at least in fifth grade and accompanied by an appropriate number of adult supervisors.

Due to limited resources, the BLP may be unable to accommodate all requests for tours. Please place your request several weeks in advance of your desired tour date. To request a tour, e-mail blpadmin@ghblp.org or call 616-846-6250.

The BLP facilities most often toured are the J.B. Sims Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant located on Harbor Island, and the BLP Diesel Plant, a vintage back-up power plant located on Harbor Drive.

Please contact us in advance to make arrangements for persons requiring special accommodation due to physical disabilities. There is limited handicapped access at the J.B. Sims Generating Station and no handicapped access at the Diesel Plant.