Grand Haven Board Of Light And Power

Energy Efficient Street Light Program

Grand Haven, Friday, January 21, 2011 — The Grand Haven Board of Light & Power approved their energy efficient street light program at last night’s Board meeting.

The BLP began testing various energy efficient street light technologies in fall 2009, including LED and Magnetic Induction to replace the standard 175 Watt Mercury Vapor light. The evaluation of multiple manufacturers and styles included eight LED and six Magnetic Induc- tion lights and considered light output, light quality, energy usage, life span, and costs. BLP staff selected the 85 Watt Magnetic Induction technology for replacement of the current 175 Watt Mercury Vapor street light.

Distribution and Transmission Engineer Nic Winsemius stated, “At 85 Watts, the output is slightly higher than that of current 175 Watt Mercury Vapor fixtures. The light output of LED and Magnetic Induction are similar, but the light quality of the Magnetic Induction is much easier on drivers eyes.”

The program includes an addition to the street light rate schedule to add the 85 Watt Magnetic Induction Light. Annette Allen, General Manager stated, “While the Magnetic Induction fixture cost is five times the cost of our current Mercury Vapor fixtures, the life of the new technology is significantly longer than the old technology.” Allen added, “Factoring fixture cost, installation cost and length of life, the rate is $3.00 less per month with Magnetic Induction.”

Due to the significant up front cost of the new fixtures, the BLP will phase in the conversion to the Magnetic Induction lights beginning with the purchase and replacement of approximately 50 fixtures in the current year. These fixtures will be installed in the municipalities served on a prorated basis. The BLP will also work with municipalities to seek potential grant funding if they desire adding additional Magnetic Induction street lighting to their communities.

Created in 1896, the Grand Haven Board of Light and Power provides electricity to approximately 13,400 customers in Grand Haven and the surrounding area. Grand Haven Board of Light and Power. Community-owned. Locally-controlled. Not-for-profit. Environmentally responsible.

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