Grand Haven Board Of Light And Power


If you are moving, please contact customer service at 616-846-6250.  When you call, we can determine the necessary course of action needed to accommodate your move.

Some of the questions we may ask:

Will you be moving into our service area or out of our service area?

We request a 24 hour notice to start or cancel service.

 Do you own the property or rent?

If you are renting, the BLP will require a deposit prior to the start of your service. Deposit values are determined by whether the property has ‘Landlord Protection’ or not.  Our Customer Service Representative will be able to provide you with a deposit value when you call.

Deposits are held against your account and applied to your final bill when you discontinue service. Any remaining balance is refunded to you via check mailed to your forwarding address.

Deposits can not be transferred from one location to another. The deposit you have on file will be applied to your final billing at the address you are leaving. A new deposit will be required to start service at a new location.

               What is the date you would like to start or discontinue service?

We can accommodate future dates if you are sure of your start or termination of service.  Just provide us with the date and we will have a Technical Service Representative complete your request.  There will not be a need for you to be present for either starting or terminating service, provided we have access to your meter.

Again, please contact customer service at 616-846-6250 for with questions regarding your move.  We will be happy to assist you.

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