Grand Haven Board Of Light And Power

Environmentally responsible.

Since we are the first Municipal Utility in the State of Michigan to add a PHEV Bucket Truck to our fleet, you can be assured we strive to create sustainable solutions at the lowest practical cost to our customers.

Our Power Supply

Power Generation

The Board of Light & Power (BLP) owns and operates two electric generating facilities.  Our generating facilities include the J.B. Sims Generating Station located at 1231 N. Third St. on Harbor Island and the Diesel Plant located at 518 Harbor in Grand Haven, Michigan.

The J.B. Sims Generating Station is a coal fired steam-generating plant with a net capacity of approximately 70.5 MW.  Only the Sims III unit at this location remains operational.  Sims units I and II have been retired.  Sims III is currently using coal supplied from the Northern Appalachia region, which is transported by rail to Toledo, OH where it is transferred to lake vessels and shipped to Grand Haven between the months of April and November each year.  Sims III is equipped with many modern air emission control technologies and meets all current environmental regulations.

The BLP’s Diesel Plant now houses only one operating diesel engine (more specifically a Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine or RICE) with a net generating capacity of approximately 6.5 MW.  All other diesel engines on-site have been retired.   The remaining engine is normally in a stand-by condition, operating only during peak hours when demand for electricity is the highest or during emergencies as a back-up unit.  This engine is primarily fueled with natural gas.  A small amount of fuel oil is used as a “pilot” fuel.  This engine also meets all current air emission regulations associated with RICE units.

GHBLP’s local generation and remote entitlements provide adequate installed capacity to meet the necessary reserve requirements of the regional Independent System Operator (ISO) and to sell a small amount of excess capacity to others in the regional market.

Future Power Supply Planning

In its Strategic Plan, the BLP has committed to transition to a “more sustainable, economical, and diversified power supply portfolio,” a vital component of meeting our mission to the community.

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