Grand Haven Board Of Light And Power

Environmentally responsible.

Since we are the first Municipal Utility in the State of Michigan to add a PHEV Bucket Truck to our fleet, you can be assured we strive to create sustainable solutions at the lowest practical cost to our customers.

PHEV Bucket Truck

PHEV Bucket Truck

The Grand Haven Board of Light & Power is the first utility in the State of Michigan to own and add a Plug-In Hybrid Electric bucket truck to their fleet.

GHBLP’s Plug-In Hybrid Electric bucket truck reduces fuel consumption and eliminates on-site emissions and engine noise by utilizing a high capacity battery system for its ALL ELECTRIC operating mode.

Electrical energy is used to power all boom hydraulic functions and the in-cab climate control system for a full work day, WITHOUT the use of the diesel engine.

Batteries are recharged by regenerative braking, engine/generator system, or grid power during off-peak hours through a charging station installed on-site at the GHBLP.

Permanent Magnet motor (Traction/Generator) is used to provide launch assist and regenerative braking.

The GHBLP anticipates annual fuel savings of approximately 55%.

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