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Upcoming Event – Lakeshore Sustainability Forum: Future of Energy and Water in Grand Haven

JANUARY 28 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Lakeshore Sustainability Forum is hosting a discussion on the future of energy and water utilities in Grand Haven highlighting current and pending investments in drinking water, wastewater and stormwater management, and energy generation.

Grand Haven Board of Light & Power recently demolished its JB Sims coal plant as part of a transition to a cleaner portfolio, and has approved a conceptual master plan to redevelop the utility’s Harbor Island site, where it is evaluating potential for future generation. GHBLP General Manager David Walters will provide an overview of the redevelopment, its integrated resource plan, how it supports the local business community, and how the utility is working to invest in renewable energy and set objectives for sustainability.

Derek Gajdos, Director of Public Works for the City of Grand Haven, will discuss the city’s current sustainability initiatives and its efforts to provide waste and wastewater services to local residents and businesses.  The Grand Haven system provides water to six communities in the area : Grand Haven Township, City of Ferrysburg, Spring Lake Village, Spring Lake Township and Crockery Township.  Last year it was forced to implement water reduction measures to safeguard its water supply during the summer months, highlighting the impact irrigation and excessive water use were having on the community.  Elevating the need for sustainability planning, the partner communities are in the midst of a study to assess system demands and potential solutions for a sustainable and reliable water source.

The Lakeshore Sustainability Forum provides professionals and stakeholders in Muskegon and northern Ottawa County a space to learn about sustainability and sustainable business issues, access resources, and highlight the potential for sustainability as an economic driver and defining feature of the Lakeshore.

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