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Grand Haven EV Charging

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent and there are a lot of differences in the WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY and HOW when it comes to charging an EV.

The BLP is continually researching and evaluating the requirements of new technology and electrification trends for customers. We like to stay in the know when it comes to power-related topics so we can provide relevant information for our community about EV charging stations located in and around our service area.

There are also rebates and tax incentives available for EV owners for the charging equipment necessary to keep them on the road.

EV Charging Stations in Grand Haven

There are at least 14 charging locations available to the public in the surrounding area. Support the investments made by the owners to serve the community by charging at their convenient locations.

Note that not all charging stations are the same. Look below for insight into the different levels of charging and where to find EV charging stations in the Grand Haven region:

Level 1

Often included with the purchase of a new electric vehicle, a Level 1 charging device plugs into a typical household 120 V outlet. The convenience of this is appealing, but the typical charge rate of two to four miles of range per hour is significantly slower than higher-powered chargers.

Level 2

These devices operate at 240 V and will typically charge an EV’s battery six to eight times faster than a Level 1 charger. In charging time, that means 12-32 miles of driving range per hour of charging. Make sure to match the car’s charging hardware with the compatible Level 2 charger, to avoid paying for more capability than is necessary.

Level 2 EV Charging Stations in Grand Haven


Peerless Flats - Downtown! (240 N 1st St, Grand Haven)

  • 4 charging ports, 6.6kW
  • $0.26/kWh, $5/hr after 6hrs*
  • Open to the public

Piper Lakes (14820 Piper Ln, Grand Haven)

  • 2 charging ports, 11kW
  • $0.30/kWh with no idle fees*
  • Open to the public
    (not shown on D.O.E. map)

Village of Spring Lake (107 North Jackson Street, Spring Lake)

  • 4 charging ports, 6.6kW
  • $0.30/kWh, $2/hr after 4hrs*

Level 3

The fastest available chargers, these devices (also known as DC fast-chargers) can add 100-250 miles of range in 30-45 minutes. The connection is different from Level 1 and Level 2, in that the device connects to a socket with additional pins. This allows for the higher voltage, typically 400 or 800 volts.

EVs charging on a Level 3 device can only charge as quickly as their capacity allows, meaning if a vehicle’s capacity is 50 kW, it won’t charge faster even if the charging station is capable of up to 350 kW. Another quick tip, Level 3 chargers slow the charge rate the closer the battery gets to maximum capacity. As a result, it may take as long to get from 80 to 100 percent capacity as it does to get from 10 to 80 percent. So just top up to 80%!

Since these are expensive to install and maintain, Level 3 chargers are most frequently located near highways as a more public convenience vs. an in-home installation.

Level 3 EV Charging Stations in Grand Haven


Red E Chargers (213 S. Cutler Street, Spring Lake)

  • 4 charging ports, 180kW
  • $0.42/kWh, + $0.30/session*

* prices (current as of 3/18/24) subject to change

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U.S. Department of Energy EV Charging Locations Map

As you travel around beyond Grand Haven, it might help to know where you can stop to re-charge your EV. Explore the searchable map to plan your next EV adventure.


EV Charging Rebates

As part of a Clean Energy Program through Franklin Energy, the BLP started a pilot program in 2023, offering EV level 2 charging rebates. A small handful of residents put them in last year and the feedback was extremely positive.

If you purchase and install a qualifying Level 2 (240V) charging station at your home, you can receive up to $500 or for your business and receive up to a $2000 incentive.*

*Must be a Level 2 charger (and/or level 3 charger for commercial). It must be 240 volts and hard-wired. Must have wi-fi connectivity. Subject to funding availability.

Contact the Energy Smart program today for more information at 1-877-674-7281 or energysmart@franklinenergy.com. You can also fill out a rebate application, see page 4 for the section related to EV chargers.

Going forward, the BLP will continue evaluating the effects of larger than normal residential demand through its Grid Analytics program to evaluate transformer loading. This analysis may help significantly with future rate designs of high demand residential customers and will continue to evolve with growing demand for electric vehicles.