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Electrical Line Upgrades

GHBLP has contracted with Kent Power to rebuild electric lines in a section of our service area to improve system reliability. Kent Power will be starting the work in January 2021. The project is a system rebuild that includes replacing poles, wires, and service.

The Electrical Line Rebuild Project may require crews to work on or around your property. You may also experience a short power outage to transfer service from the old lines to the new lines. The map below shows the section of the service area that Kent Power will be upgrading.

Service Area Map of Electrical Line Upgrades




Tree Trimming Project with Get-R-Cut


Electric service reliability and safety require clearance between trees and distribution lines to be maintained at all times in the utility right-of-way. This year, the Grand Haven Board of Light & Power contracted with Get-R-Cut to trim the utility right-of-way in the Ferrysburg area. Proper clearance may require crews to trim or remove trees on or around your property. When trimming is sufficient to maintain proper clearance, the image to the right shows the four most common ways the GHBLP trims. When trimming is not sufficient to maintain proper clearance, removal of the tree will be necessary. Below are maps of the sections planned for this year’s tree clearance project:

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Contact our Customer Account Representatives at or 616-846-6250 with any questions.

Web version of 4 common ways to trim trees

Sims Demolition Project

The Grand Haven Board of Light & Power is about four months into the Sims demolition project on Harbor Island, which began with asbestos removal from all areas within the plant. Contractors have removed the Unit III turbine, coal crusher, electrostatic precipitator, and Units I and II coal conveyor belts. The distribution substation on the property is in the process of being consolidated and rebuilt, and the interim heat source equipment for the downtown snowmelt is being installed to ensure we are prepared for winter weather.


The Sims demolition project continues to move forward with the implosion of the Scrubber building, Unit 3 Boiler House and the Chimney. Check out this video clip and learn more about the project at

Scrubber Video provided by Bierlein

JB Sims Unit 3 Boiler House and Chimney Demolition Video provided by Bierlein

GHBLP Public Presentation March 5, 2021