Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

Advanced Meter Technology (AMI)

In 2020, the BLP installed advanced meters at all customer locations, modernizing our existing electrical distribution system to meet increased demands for energy, reduce costs and facilitate increased use of renewable energy.

Advanced meters represent the next generation of electric meters and replaced all older analog meters. They take advantage of two-way communication to enable the BLP to communicate with the electric meter at your home or business, enhancing reliability and providing additional capabilities. Remote communication and data transfer capabilities of these technologies enable remote meter-reading, outage notification, optional pricing programs, and alerts to help with troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Information coming from the meters will allow us to further improve our efficiency during “peak” energy usage periods, which helps keep the cost of electricity lower. Advanced meters also increase the accuracy of electric bills, keep operating costs low, and allow us to diagnose billing problems sooner.

These installations pave the way toward providing consumers greater access to real-time energy use data and offer more options for consumers to see savings on their electric bills.

Customers can be assured that the advanced meters are tested by manufacturers and that they meet stringent national standards for safety, security, and privacy requirements.

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