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Community-Wide Savings of $6.6 Million Per Year

One question that we have frequently been asked at Grand Haven Board of Light & Power is how our rates compare to other local service providers such as Consumers Energy. To help answer this question and raise awareness about one of the most important benefits of having a community-owned electric utility, we compared the financial impact for GHBLP customers using Consumers Energy (CE) rates as of January 1, 2021 to current GHBLP rates. This evaluation shows that if GHBLP customers were to receive service from CE, the community would holistically pay $6.6 million MORE per year under CE’s 2021 rates.

In other words, if all 14,713 GHBLP customers were billed under Consumers Energy’s current applicable rates, they would pay an average of $0.145/kWh (about 18% more on average than they pay under current applicable GHBLP rates).

Put another way, our community collectively saves about $550,000 per month on average under GHPLP’s current rates as opposed to CE’s similarly applicable current rates each and every month! That is $6.6 million per year in savings for our community!

GHBLP Rates:

CE Rates:


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Town Hall Environmental Update Video

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Town Hall: Sims Site Environmental Update

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