Annual Summary Report | 2020 Energy Waste Reduction Program & Renewable Energy Plan

Our Mission
The GHBLP mission is to meet our community’s expectations for reliable electric service that returns value to our customers and ensures the economic and environmental sustainability of the utility. This report covers some of the efforts by the GHBLP to support energy efficiency, waste reduction,  conservation, and renewable energy utilization.

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Energy Reports

Renewable Energy Portfolio Update

Power Supply is one of six Strategic Priorities established in the GHBLP’s 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan. Specific areas of focus include portfolio diversification and renewable energy supply. To address these areas, the Board established a goal to evaluate potential projects, emerging technologies, and longer-term purchased power alternatives that will provide “a sustainable, economical, and diversified power supply portfolio.” Additionally, Public Act 342 increased the renewable energy portfolio standard from 10% to 12.5% in 2019 and to 15% beginning in 2021.

On June 1, 2020, GHBLP retired its coal-fired generation plant on Harbor Island and its Diesel Plant on Harbor Drive and is currently purchasing 100% of its power supply through the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA), a joint action agency of the State of Michigan, with 22 municipally-owned electric utility members and six associate member systems. In 2020, MPPA projects and purchases provided GHBLP the required 12.5% of supply from a combination of past renewable energy credits, landfill gas, solar, and wind energy.

Securing a Sustainable Energy Future
Grand Haven Board of Light & Power (GHBLP) has transitioned from a single-source coal-fired power plant to a diversified power supply portfolio and technologically advanced distribution system.

Projected 2024 Supply Portfolio


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Grand Haven Board of Light and Power Adds to Renewable Energy Portfolio

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Independent Investigation Clears BLP of Whistleblower Allegations

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Plugged In SPECIAL EDITION – Growing in Sustainability