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Shining a light on the Grand Haven City Charter amendment

Grand Haven voters will consider a City Charter amendment in November to dissolve the Board of Light & Power. It’s vitally important that all our customers know the facts.

If approved

The City Council would have sole authority to set rates for utility customers.

The current charter requires the BLP Board to set rates that generate enough revenue required to pay for operating costs. The charter amendment allows the City Council to set rates as it deems advisable, giving it much more latitude to manipulate rates.

If approved

The City Council would not be required to use best practices when running the utility.

The current charter requires the BLP to use best practices to ensure the use of proven guidelines to produce effective outcomes. The charter amendment removes the requirement.

If approved

The City Council could use BLP revenues for other purposes.

While the charter amendment would restrict the City Council from using “reserve” funds that exist on Jan. 1, 2024, there are no similar safeguards in place for the use of new revenues generated from electric utility services.

If approved

The City Manager would be given full administrative power over the electric utility.

The charter amendment takes BLP management out of the hands of a leadership team with more than 100 years of combined experience running an electric utility and puts it in the hands of city staff with no electric utility experience.

We encourage all BLP customers affected by this charter change proposal to review this presentation before making a decision on the future of your electric utility. Please share this ENLIGHTENING PRESENTATION to help get the word out!

View the Presentation

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BLP’S Safety and Reliability Standards Recognized by APPA

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