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GHBLP Diesel Plant – Property Sale and Redevelopment RFP

RE: GHBLP Diesel Plant – Property Sale and Redevelopment RFP
To Potential Proposer/Developer:

We would appreciate your review and consideration of the enclosed Request for Proposal concerning the Grand Haven Diesel Plant property. Operations at the plant were recently discontinued, and the property declared excess and not needed to continue operations of the utility.
Now, the Grand Haven Board of Light and Power is soliciting proposals for the Purchase and Redevelopment of the property. You and your company have been identified as a potential Proposer/Developer of the property, or as an associate of such potential proposers/developers, and we would welcome your interest in the property.
The Selection Process and Criteria are outlined on Page 19, and the Schedule of key dates – including potential building tour dates – is shown on Page 21.
If you have any questions or would like to tour the building as part of your due diligence review, please contact Erik Booth at (616) 577-2054 or via email at

GHBLP Diesel Plant – Property Sale and Redevelopment RFP




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