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Statement from Board Chairman Mike Westbrook Addressing HRC’s Final Report, No Proof of Gender Discrimination Found

On Aug. 23, 2022, Grand Haven resident Ms. Elizabeth Pell filed a complaint with the City of Grand Haven’s Human Relations Commission (HRC), alleging that the Board of Light of Power Board and its administrative staff discriminated against another member of the BLP Board, Director Andrea Hendrick, based on Director Hendrick’s gender, during the course of a single BLP Board meeting on August 3, 2022.

Upon the conclusion of its investigation, the HRC’s final report finds gender discrimination against Director Hendrick was not proven during the Aug. 3, 2022, BLP Board meeting.

We thank the HRC for doing its due diligence in the community and conducting a thorough investigation into this matter. We are pleased to see that the HRC’s report concludes that it has not been proven that Director Hendrick was subjected to gender discrimination by the BLP Board or its administrative staff during the Aug. 3, 2022, meeting.

The BLP issued a position statement to the HRC prior to its adoption of their final report on Thursday, Dec. 15. The BLP will take recommendations from HRC’s final report under consideration.

Mike Westbrook, Chairman

Board of Light and Power Board


Position statement:

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